Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Star Trek TOS Post of the Day: Star Trek Memories

I'm still ~so excited about having a Star Trek blog~~ (which probably won't be a Star Trek blog forever, but I'm only about 1/3 of the way through TOS and I did just order "Star Trek Memories" by William Shatner from Amazon so it probably will be for the foreseeable future).

The first thing I've decided is that I'm NOT going to do with this blog what I do with every blog I start which is to read over everything I've posted approximately seventeen times per hour immediately after posting it and then over and over for the next three days until I'm sick of it and don't want to write anything new ever again. The second is that I'm not going to look at my stats because I don't know what they even are and it looks like all my pageviews at this point are from somewhere called Vampirestat.com so. (The real reason is that they're something I'm prone to caring but don't want to care about.)

So I bought "Star Trek Memories" from Amazon.com. I did this because I'm really obsessed with all the "making of" research which for some reason I feel like I have to do after I ~finish TOS and not before and because of the Netflix member review that said "Yes, the special effects were cheesy as they had no money. But it did cause the writers to get creative, coming up with things that branded the show. The Transporter was dreamed up because they didn't have money to make models showing ships docking and landing on planets. The cloaking device came to be because one of the production crew accidentally stepped on and broke the only model of the Romulon Warbird [sic] on the day of filming" and in so saying confirmed exactly why I want to do all of this research. This is the rest of the review:

There might be a "Spock as Other" post coming up, or there might just be a post of screenshots from "Return of the Archons" coming up, or I might just lose enthusiasm for this blog and never post again.
In fact, so that I can stop evaluating every Star Trek-related thought/experience for its bloggability, and so that I don't lose enthusiasm for this blog and never post again, I'm not going to post again til at least Friday. Zoë out.

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